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TRANQUILITY is the maritime division of the project development company TakeOff Engineering GmbH (TOE). It focuses on the development of hydrofoil kits, turning Personal Water Crafts (PWCs), commonly referred to as jet skis into Hybrid Water Crafts (HWCs) that drive and fly on water. 

Our mission is to revolutionize personal water travel with Hybrid Water Crafts.

Dr. Sebastian Muschelknautz

CEO & Owner TakeOff Engineering GmbH (Parent company of TRANQUILITY)

„Hydrofoil boats have always been a great passion of mine. I am fascinated by their efficiency and the unique sensation of „flight on water.“ 

However, I kept wondering, why they have to be so exotic and complicated, with wings sticking out and no comfortably way of berthing or docking in a harbour. Although, in rough seashydrofoils are far superior when flying on their wings and generally more fuel efficient. I’ve noticed, that for the most part, they aren’t really designed to drive on their hull. They look a bit helpless with their wings retracted. 

I thought to myself, everybody should have the possibility to „fly“ across the seas. There must be a way to enhance a regular boat with all of its advantages by the help of a hydrofoil kit, rather than buying a specific hydrofoil boat that is really meant to fly most of the time.

I envisioned a hydrofoil kit that turns your existing PWC into a „Hybrid Water Craft,“ a craft allowing it to „drive“ AND „fly.“

A true „Hybrid Water Craft“ represents the best of both worlds since its hydrofoil system does not change its DNA, it enhances it.“

Julian Muschelknautz

General Manager TRANQUILITY (Maritime Division of TakeOff Engineering GmbH)

„Growing up, I helped building and even drove several of my father’s test hydrofoils and naturally developed the same obsession for Hybrid Water Crafts. When we founded TRANQUILITY in 2020 we defined our mission as: We revolutionize personal water travel with Hybrid Water Crafts.

I said from the beginning: „We have to develop a kit that is retrofitted to a stock vehicle in order to truly prove our point.“ And that’s what we are doing here. We are currently developing our prototype system, we call TRANQUILITY KIT™ on the example of a 2020 Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SVHO ®. 

We think that a Personal Water Craft (PWC), commonly referred to as jet ski, represents the greatest opportunity to achieve our mission. PWCs have to be affordable, easy to handle and maintain, you can tow them behind your car and store them in your garage. By enabling these crafts to fly across great distances comfortably even in choppy waters with a much cheaper fuel bill while leaving their DNA untouched, we believe we revolutionize personal water travel.“


The TRANQUILITY KIT converts a conventional PWC into a Hybrid Water Craft (HWC) with retractable underwater wings (foils).

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Our TRANQUILITY development is supported by various business partners with in-kind contribution for the fabrication of our prototype. 

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We revolutionize personal water travel with Hybrid Water Crafts.