The TRANQUILITY KIT was developed by TRANQUILITY, applying our proprietary and patented SUPERFOIL Technology based on decades of hydrofoil experience. It represents the world’s first hydrofoil kit for the conversion of a conventional water jet driven Personal Water Craft (PWC), commonly referred to as jet ski, into a Hybrid Water Craft, while keeping the normal PWC performance with retracted foils.

Our previous experimental hydrofoil crafts - foil experiments in our cavitation water tunnel and theoretical flow analysis

Development of the TRANQUILITY Kit™

Tranquility was introduced as a startup within TakeOff Engineering in February 2020. It all started with the purchasing of the PWC (commonly referred to as jet ski) Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SVHO®, which was deemed to be the suitable basis for the development of the TRANQUILITY KIT. First we instrumented the craft with various measuring devices in order to obtain the main performance parameter, which are relevant for the foiling mode. Afterwards the front foil system was developed, fabricated and tested. Towards the end of 2020 the design work concentrated on the rear foil system. In the meantime the fabrication of the rear foil system has started and will be finished in late summer. Test campaigns of the craft with attached foils are planned in autumn this year.

3D Scan of the Craft and Design of the Front Foil System

Front Foil System Fabrication - Automatic Flight Controller Testing with PWC - Design and Start of Fabrication of the Rear Foil System

We revolutionize personal water travel with Hybrid Water Crafts

The TRANQUILITY KIT™ converts a conventional PWC into a Hybrid Water Craft with retractable foils.

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Our mission is to revolutionize personal water travel.


Our TRANQUILITY development is supported by various business partners with in-kind contribution for the fabrication of our prototype.

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We revolutionize personal water travel with Hybrid Water Crafts.